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Dreaming about owls could suggest a lot of things. Predators and owls are typically nocturnal animals.

Numerous cultures across the globe believe them to be bad omen.

It is believed that they accompany the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

The colors of owls are many and varied.  Your dreams may have different meanings depending on the color and also in what situation the owl is.

Below discover different interpretations and symbolism of the dreams of owls.

Dream of Seeing An Owl

An owl shown in your dream symbolizes the wisdom and awareness of your life. You might interpret this dream as a sign of wisdom in your life.

Furthermore, it allows you to understand your unconscious mind, especially when times become tough. Owls can also signal danger sometimes.

Dreaming about an owl could suggest that you will face worries and issues in the days ahead. Remember that dreaming of an owl symbolizes awareness.

Dreaming of An Owl Attacking

Dreams of this type can signify major changes in your life and can also depict the feeling of passively being beaten.

Due to owls’ infrequent attacks, this dream indicates that you must be extremely protective and cautious about your endeavors.

While an attacking owl indicates a threat that might counter your efforts, it also indicates that you know what the problem is.

The awareness that comes with awareness has the power to transform your life.

Dreaming About Someone Killing An Owl

The dream of a dead owl could signal the death of your goals and ideas in the real world.

This could be a sign that there is someone out there who will cause serious harm to your reputation.

It’s possible that your relationships with friends and family will also be affected. After that dream, being cautious will be a very good idea.

Dreaming of An Owl Flying Overhead

Usually, an owl flying in your dream represents trying to flee danger or having escaped one.

It means that you are still in danger, as you still have enemies and problems to deal with.

Dreaming about owls

Dream of an Owl Screaming

In dreams, a screaming owl represents danger or death. Screams foretell that you will be feeling pain when misfortune occurs.

In addition, your family members may be experiencing a difficult time.

Nevertheless, if the owl hoots, you are in desperate need of something or someone.

When you hear an owl hoot, it’s likely your unconscious mind trying to come up with a bit of hope, while you are going through a difficult time in your life.

Dreaming of An Owl in a tree

The dream of an owl on a tree symbolizes intuition and wisdom.

It refers to a stable point in your life, a place where you can effortlessly complete your plans.

In the long run, your wisdom will yield fruit, and your plans will succeed. This dream could predict financial success very soon.

Dreaming of An Owl and Eagle Fighting

It is not uncommon to dream of an owl and an eagle battling. It has a pretty positive connotation.

This indicates that you will receive blessings from higher levels.

This also represents your adaptability and adventure, and the ability to not back down in stressful situations.

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Dream of a Dead Owl

When you dream of a dead owl, it has a negative connotation. This indicates that something unpleasant is about to happen in your life in the upcoming weeks.

Also, having a dream of a dead owl predicts that you will prevent a terrible accident from happening.

Whenever an owl is dead it implies that you will experience something negative in your life soon, or that your family will experience medical issues.

Alternatively, it could indicate that your future could be filled with loss, disappointment, and diminished effort.

But, for some, it is also possible to see a dead owl as a sign of future resurrection.

Dreaming of An Owl Biting You

Having a dream that an owl is trying to bite you is an alarm that you’re being invaded.

A bite from an owl indicates an unwelcome person has entered your life, something you are not welcome.

Dreams of this nature indicate that you need to be cautious about your conversations and prepare for obstacles in achieving your goals.

Dreaming of An Owl’s Feathers

The dream of owl feathers means your spiritual potential is emerging.

As you realize this, your soul and spirit are trying to connect in true form with your mind through the feathers.

Symbols of humbleness and intuition are also associated with them.

Dreaming of Catching An Owl

Dreams of catching an owl when it’s trying to fly show you have built walls around your relationships.

For those who have taken steps to ensure no one invades their personal space, such a sign is promising.

It is important to establish and keep these invisible walls, they can be extremely helpful when you must face difficulties or have to rely on friends.

This dream also represents a feeling of freedom, good energy, and acceptance.

Dreaming of An Owl Speaking

In general, owls don’t normally speak, as their silence and quietness are essential to catching prey.

Dreams such as this one indicate that you will soon be revealing someone’s secrets.

Secrets are important, both your own and those of others. However, sometimes these secrets are unintentionally or purposefully revealed.

When the owl speaks to you, it reveals that you will be successful and you should be listening to the words they spoke to you.

In the dream, when you speak back to the owl, it represents hidden qualities, happiness, and silent desires.

As a result, seeing an Owl speak in your dream can symbolize your subconscious mind’s attempt to understand what you want out of life.

The presence of a speaking owl in your dreams is also expected to give you insight into your coming days.

Dreaming of a white owl meaning

Dreaming of a White Owl Meaning

In dreams, white owls are believed to bring joy, happiness, surprises, and good feelings.

It is possible that dreaming of a white barn owl represents a new and harmonious relationship.

It is a good sign to dream of a white owl. Usually, it represents pleasure and fun in the very near future.

It’s a sign that a relationship starts between you and someone you like, and it can turn serious.

Occasionally, it could mean that you are about to discover something disturbing.

Nevertheless, white owls are regarded as being wise and capable of enduring hardship.

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Dreaming of a Black Owl Meaning

What does it mean to dream of a black owl?

It is extremely rare to see a black owl. Generally, it’s a positive indication of success. The black owl can symbolize both darkness and beauty.

As you go through a period of inner transformation, the black owl is witnessing what is happening inside your soul.

Dreaming of a black owl means that you or someone in your family will have health-related issues.

Black owls represent loss and illness. Thus, if you see one in your dreams, you may have health-related problems.

Black owls can also symbolize others who may cause problems for you in your dream.

On the positive side, a black owl’s dream represents your inner growth.

Dreaming of a black owl also signifies that you possess all of the knowledge and skills you need to attain your goals.

Dream About An Injured Owl

When you have this kind of dream it means that your spirit is in some way broken or injured.

This indicates that you will face trying times in the future, when you may not be able to find hope.

Similarly, you may be worried about your finances or the health of your closest relatives.

In your dream, if the owl is injured, that can provide some insight into what your life will be like going forward.

Taking the best possible care of this injury is imperative.

Seeing an owl with broken wings can be a sign of difficult times in life.

Flying owls that are injured can symbolize worry in your life.  In the case of the owl being hit by a car, it signifies the end of something.

Dreaming About Owls Killing Each Other

This dream signifies a turning point in your life. There is probably an important choice you’ll need to make.

Furthermore, it represents inner struggles and the ability to be open to change.

Alternately, it might also mean you are able to find solutions to problems in life because you have both determination and willpower.

Dreaming About Holding An Owl in Your Hands

In this dream, you are warned that you will suffer injuries or accidents in the near future.

Whether it is you or someone close to you, this is a bad sign that indicates something negative.

In this dream, we are reminded of the importance of being attentive and aware.

Dream About Flying as An Owl

The dream represents taking well-reasoned decisions, handling uncertainties wisely, and handling things well.

It also means that you have an awareness of what’s happening around you.

Flying like an owl is often seen as a symbol of being able to navigate properly no matter what problems may arise along the way.

Dreaming About An Owl Preying On a Mouse

This dream symbolizes an adverse or high-risk situation. Due to the mistakes of others, your closely guarded secrets may soon be revealed.

As a result of the dream, you may wonder what or who to trust. You may have moments of uncertainty and loss of direction.

Also, you are likely to be forced to undergo some damage control, since the risk of trust being broken is high.

In some cases, it can also mean that someone is using your secrets for their own personal gain, which you will be completely unaware of.

Dreaming About an Angry Owl

Dreaming About an Angry Owl

A dream where you see an angry owl emphasizes your current emotional state that is probably anger.

You might be hiding a lot of rages or be facing hardships in the future that will cause you pain.

It may also be a subconscious message to you indicating anger on the part of either your friends or enemies, which may result in conflict.

If you have had this kind of dream, it’s better not to engage in any arguments or debates for now.

Dreaming About Owls Landing On Your Bed

Having an owl land on your bed is a dream with positive connotations. This dream shows that you have good judgment and trust in yourself.

Also, you need to be caring and loving towards the people around you.

This dream implies that a happy and enjoyable future lies ahead for you, with romance, flirtation, and romantic getaways.

A dream involving more than one owl may amplify the meaning, revealing a wonderful field of romantic possibilities.

Dreaming About An Owl Without Feathers

The dream signifies that stress increases significantly in your life. When an owl is stressed, it loses feathers, reflecting the same thing in the life of the dreamer.

The mind has a way of highlighting stress when you’re under an enormous amount of pressure.

Your anxiety and disturbance in your dream can be a result of your work stress or relationship issues.

In order to manage the stress, you should physically and mentally prepare yourself.

Dreaming of An Owl Staring at You

Generally speaking, being stared at for a long time by someone is uncomfortable.

In this dream, you feel the same uncomfortable and awkward feeling when you see an owl staring at you.

There is a possibility that it’s showing real-life problems, in which one can get into a spat with a friend or co-worker.

Oftentimes, a fight or a risky investment can make one dream about such things.*

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Dreaming About Staring at An Owl

If you are watching an owl in your dreams, this indicates that you have been treated poorly in your daily life.

Everyone is capable of it, be it your coworker, family member, or friend.

Your dream of watching an owl suggests that you may have been verbally abused or have been put in a position where you feel uncomfortable or in danger.

Dreaming About Owls Fighting Each Other

When you’re dreaming of two owls fighting, it means that you are experiencing your own internal conflict.

It also means that confusion could be occurring, and you will need to make an important decision soon.

Dreaming of a Silent Owl

Silent owl dreams symbolize the deep secrets of life and the truth you seek out in real life.

It’s a good sign to have this dream. Both you and others are well protected when it comes to their secrets.

As a matter of fact, a silent owl signifies that both your mind and heart are on the right path. In other words, you are moving in the right direction.

Dreaming About An Owl Preying on a Small Animal

There is a common belief that this dream is a bad omen. In real life, it reveals weaknesses and flaws that are being used against you.

Oftentimes, this means fears are dominating you and making it difficult for you to reach your full potential.

This dream also indicates that lately, your vulnerabilities are affecting you more than usual, which creates unfavorable circumstances for you.

In addition, these fears might also become harder to overcome with time, and thus turn into permanent situations.

Dreaming About Killing An Owl

Having this dream represents you as a strong warrior. Your superiors or senior authorities could be wrongly controlling you in real life.

This dream, however, offers you the strength to overcome such challenging times and emerge strong.

Killing an owl represents winning after months of struggle, such as a difficult work situation or family disagreement.

That is a good sign because it shows that you can face life’s issues head-on.

Dreaming About Owls Turning Into Humans

This dream suggests that you are about to find someone you can trust, confide in, and build an honest relationship with.

It shows how you can be both caring and nurturing, and grow in this way.

The dream may also mean another old friend is returning. This return of this person will improve your life and provide guidance.

Dreaming About Giant Owls

Those who dream of giant owls are experiencing an issue that is significantly affecting how they live their daily lives.

Having this issue continuously appear in your daily life has made you incapable of ignoring it.

When this is a huge scary owl, it represents a significant issue that needs to be addressed with the help of others.

You can’t solve this difficulty alone. If it’s a giant friendly owl, that symbolizes a highly spiritual life path that you are being called to.

Dreaming of a flying owl

Dreaming of a Flying Owl

An owl flying overhead is symbolic of realizing new milestones and achieving success.

Your long-term goals can be achieved quickly if you aim high and manage them well. Y

ou should be motivated by your dream, as it is a positive omen that encourages you to strive for higher goals.

A flying owl induces the sensation of joy and happiness, especially when personal or professional gains are made.

As a result of this dream, you will be able to gain people’s respect and trust.

Dreaming About Baby Owls

The dream you have about baby owls reflects who you are.

This is a sign that you have made careless decisions without considering the outcomes that they will have on your life.

Also, it’s a warning to you to reconsider your choices.

This dream could be a metaphor for new development in your life, such as a soul awakening, a rebirth, or a fresh start.

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Dream of An Owl in Water

Seeing an owl in the water is considered a lucky dream. Dreams provide protection from evil and help you find your way.

The water symbolizes purity, harmony, and awakening.

Dreaming About Trying To Kill An Owl

This dream of trying to kill an owl means that although you are trying hard to solve a problem, your efforts are ineffective.

So unless you change your strategy, you will keep on fighting a losing battle. You can interpret this dream as asking for better solutions.

It could also mean that the situation might seem hard but there’s an end to it all, so you need to keep trying until you succeed.

Dreaming of An Owl in Your House

The dream of an owl appearing in your house indicates a warning. A warning that you will have some issues concerning money.

It is possible that you will suffer significant financial losses. You can also assume something negative is about to happen to your family.

Occasionally, family conflict can arise, especially about important decisions affecting the whole household.

Listening to the opinions of your family members can prevent any problems.

Spiritual Symbolism Of Owls in Dreams

What does an owl symbolize? Most people consider owls to symbolize evil and death.

An owl has the ability to symbolize wisdom, intuition, inner guidance, and knowledge of hidden secrets.

The presence of an owl in your life indicates that many important and mysterious things are occurring in your life.

Change and transformation are also associated with owls. Spiritual symbolism links owls with spiritual progress.

In other words, they represent your hidden sides. These sides hid in plain sight, waiting to be discovered.

As a result, you can embrace your inner spiritual gifts because they help you to know what is hidden inside you.

It is commonly believed that owls are enshrined in esoteric knowledge, magic, and witchcraft.

Due to their nocturnal habit and stillness, they are able to hide in plain sight, observing everything around them with an acute sense of awareness.

Owls present you with challenges to help you tap into your inner wisdom, wisdom, and intuition. In the spirit realm, they can appear as harsh spiritual teachers.

Owl Spirit Animal

It is believed that owls represent wisdom and intelligence as spirit animals. People who have owls as spirit animals are likely to be more insightful.

They are able to see beyond what seems obvious.

With the guidance of the owl spirit, you will achieve clarity and avoid blockages, obstructions, and hurdles.

Owl Totem Animal

Wisdom and power are symbols of the owl totem. Even better than humans are able to see in the daylight, the owl can see in the dark.

As a result, it can locate prey from a distance by using its exceptional hearing. It’s a quality that many people would like to possess.

Many cultures and civilizations have looked to owls as symbols for these characteristics since ancient times.

Furthermore, those who make the owl their totem also gain magical insight into life and knowledge about the unknown.


If you want you can choose an owl as a spirit guide or totem animal to help you through life.

Because of their exceptional ability to see at night when others cannot, owls are excellent symbols of wisdom and knowledge.

When they are present, they add light into your life and bring direction through dark times.

The reason for this is that historically, owls have been used as wisdom teachers

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