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What is the meaning of rats in a dream? Dreaming of rats is quite common. Rodents are disliked by many people around the world.

Rats usually cause people to become upset as soon as they see them.

Thus, dreaming about rats would also not be highly enjoyable.

Generalities About Rats

Rats are generally associated with illness. Consequently, if rats appear to you in your dream, then this might be related to a disease.

However, you shouldn’t overreact to such dreams.

They might be warnings to you about something that may happen to you or those you love.

Having a rat dream could be a sign that you are uncomfortable in a situation or with people.

Therefore, you should evaluate whether you are forced by circumstance to be among people who don’t make you comfortable.

Furthermore, rats don’t generally do humans any good, unless they are domesticated and trained.

Rats represent selfishness since they tend to bite food, clothes, and other valuable objects.

They contaminate your personal items, rendering them unfit for use.

It is known that these animals are highly resilient survivors. They reproduce rapidly, making rats highly invasive.

It’s remarkable how intelligent these animals are and how well they can adapt to virtually any living condition. Additionally, they are highly inquisitive.

In addition, rats carry dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis or plague, diseases that are deadly to humans.

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Rats Dream Meaning

When dreaming about rats without any additional details, it signifies you keep an eye on your enemies.

Perhaps someone wants to harm you in some way because they are jealous of your success.

This might indicate that someone is slandering you and attempting to harm your reputation.

There are many ways rats may appear in your dreams. Rats can symbolize a variety of things in dreams.

It is never a good omen when you dream about rats. They are indicative of envy and jealousy, backstabbing, and betrayal.

If you have such a dream, you may want to be careful who you interact with around you and keep yourself protected from their harmful acts.

When you dream about rats, you are probably feeling fear, and worried about being betrayed.

Usually, these dreams are a symbol of someone you have issues with and wish to dispose of.

Perhaps such dreams indicate that you are feeling used by someone.

The dream may warn you about someone or something in your environment that you should be wary of.

Also, rats represent obstacles and challenges, as well as new starts.

These could be the symbol of the negativity you have inside and need to get rid of.

Dreams about rats can also mean injury, catastrophe, and financial loss. Always take dreams about rats seriously and consider them a warning.

Dreams about rats meaning

Rat Dream Interpretation

If you dream about rats, then it could just be a representation of your fear of rats.

In case you have recently seen a rat and are terrified of them, your fear may have triggered this dream.

It is also possible to dream of rats when you don’t like certain aspects of yourself like your appearance, lack of confidence, or any bad habits.

Often, rat dreams are associated with negative emotions and events. It is possible, though, to have a few positive rat dreams.

Dreaming of rats is a very common occurrence, so this can have a great variety of meanings. Below you’ll find the main interpretations of dreams about rats.

Dreaming of Being Chased by a Rat

This dream foretells success beyond all hope. All you need to do is focus on your successful skills, and everything else will fall into place.

It also signifies you evading issues that you should deal with instead.

It indicates that you are trying to run away from whatever you have to deal with right away.

This dream is telling you to become more courageous and confront the problems you have.

Invest your time in solving them, rather than letting them grow into bigger problems.

Finally, this dream also suggests that you are likely to have great success in some areas of your life.

Dreaming About Rats Attacking You

It’s a good omen if you dream of rats attacking you. This indicates opportunities, a new beginning, and success.

This dream is telling you to take advantage of these opportunities because they are not going to show up any time soon.

This type of dream is sometimes associated with revenge.

Rats represent someone close to you, according to legend.

You should be cautious of who you talk to and what you say to them.

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Dreaming of Rats while Pregnant

Dreaming of a rat when expecting a baby is a good omen, indicating a successful new beginning.

This dream may also mean you are worried about the future.

Dreaming About Dead Rats

What does a dead rat represent in a dream? When you dream of a dead rat, is an indication of good things to come.

In most cases, this dream symbolizes victory over your enemies or the end of a relationship with someone who has betrayed you.

Oftentimes, this dream indicates your anxiety about having to face your issues.

It’s a reminder that you should take action as soon as possible to prevent any problems from getting out of hand.

This dream may also reflect your fear of facing a specific problem or circumstance on a daily basis.

Dreaming of Black Rats

In a dream, the black rat is a symbol of inner struggles. You may have experienced this dream recently if you have been feeling down.

You are called by this dream to identify the reasons behind such emotional turmoil and start working on positive changes.

It seems like something is missing constantly and you have no idea what it is.

Ask yourself why you are worried and be completely honest with yourself.

That is the only way you will discover what is going on in your subconscious mind.

A black rat symbolizes negative emotions and darkness inside you.

Moreover through this dream, you will experience a spiritual awakening that will help you to get back on track.

Meditation will help you understand why this dream occurred so that your life will take on a new meaning once again. 

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Dreaming of a Brown Rat

Positive and negative messages can be conveyed by brown rats.

The dream indicates that you enjoy a balanced life with a stable job and peace of mind.

Despite this, you still feel unhappy and dissatisfied. There’s a possibility that your job isn’t something you’re passionate about.

Try to look for the reasons why you feel miserable and figure out what they are.

There may be something more important than high-paying, secure employment for you.

Perhaps you would rather engage in activities that excite your soul rather than your wallet.

Whatever it is, you need to look within yourself and do some self-reflection for the answers.

Additionally, your dream of a brown rat may be a reminder of your unfulfilled potential and ambitions.

Dreaming of White Rats

What does a white rat in your dream mean? It’s usually a good omen when you dream of a white rat.

As well as your ability to adapt, it may symbolize your desire to pursue your dreams. This is a sign that you are strong and on the right track.

White rats represent inner strength, purity, and adaptation to change. And they also indicate that your problems will be solved soon.

But, eating the rat may suggest that you plan to or have already the intention to betray someone.

In case, a rat bites your feet is a warning that something is wrong in your life.

Dreaming of Cat and Rat Attack Each Other

In a dream like this, relationships and love are at stake.

As a symbol of insincerity and deceit, this dream perhaps symbolizes partners who cheat on each other.

There are maybe problems that go beyond cheating in relationships. It could also be regarding other issues in other aspects of life.

Dreaming of Rats and Mice

What do dreams about rats and mice mean? This dream can be interpreted positively or negatively.

Rats and mice both belong to the same family of rodents. Many of their behaviors are similar.

Rats and mice appearing in your dream indicate a lack of focus on the tasks at hand.

Additionally, that can also indicate when you will meet someone soon.

Rats and mice appear in your dreams as a sign of personal improvement.

If you have been having issues with someone close to you, this will likely be resolved shortly.

Dreaming of being attacked by rats and mice suggests letting go of your pride and ego, and start compromising.

Dreaming of Rats Biting You

What does it mean to dream about a rat biting you? Dreaming of a rat biting you, such a dream is a little more positive than negative.

There will likely be twists and betrayals in your life. One of your close friends or family members will reveal its true nature.

Yet you won’t be surprised or disappointed by this because you never trusted them anyway.

This dream can occur when you give someone a chance to prove their faithfulness to you.

A dream like this warns you about others’ questionable loyalty and asks you to be careful who you trust.

This is a good reminder to always trust your intuition when it comes to some people.

Depending on how your dream manifests, this could mean that your business ventures are successful.

It may signal a move to a new job, a promotion, or a rise in income.

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Dreaming of Rats Crawling on You

You may see these types of dreams if you believe your partner has cheated on you.

It might have just been a misunderstanding between you both. This dream may indicate an old decision made that you regret.

At the time, perhaps you made a decision based on your personal situation. Yet, the situation seems to unfold differently than expected.

Perhaps there’s a good chance you wish you could turn the clock back and reverse your mistake.

Dream About Eating a Rat

A dream in which you are eating a rat represents you may want to betray someone.

Also, it is possible that you already distanced yourself from that person.

You may be having this dream when you are about to give up your lifestyle for an illegal business.

Dreaming about eating rat meat can represent overcoming obstacles you have struggled against for quite some time.

Dreading Rats and Cats in Dream

This dream says that you are dreading some things in your life.

You may be afraid of what others might do if you spoke up. Or maybe you are afraid of being dumped by your partner.

The fear in this dream represents your mental state. You need to close this chapter if you want to be mentally at peace.

Dream of a Cat Chasing a Rat

This dream indicates that you may have lent money to someone.

Perhaps you are having difficulties getting back the money from that person.

This dream is trying to warn you that money will never be returned to you. The cat chasing the rat might also mean a poor-paying job.

Dreaming About Rat Poison

What does it mean to dream about rat poison? This dream is a bad omen and a sign of trouble.

It’s an indication that someone is attempting to deceive you by setting a trap for you to fall into.

Seeing a Gnawing Rat in a Dream

That kind of dream is a representation of your mental state at this time and also your worry about the future.

Maybe a person or something frightens you. In reality, it seems that you have nothing to worry about.

You will feel greater peace and the state of your mind will improve.

The appearance of a gnawing rat in an old house could also signify that you will be faced with a key moment in your life.

Dream About Dirty Rats

Dream About Dirty Rats

What does a dirty rat represent? Dreams about dirty rats are warnings to be aware of the way you behave towards other people and improve it.

Such a dream can symbolize work-related issues you must address.

Alternatively, it could be the result of excessive work and fatigue.

This dream might indicate new opportunities that you are looking forward to.

Dreaming About a Giant Rat

Dreaming of seeing a giant rat usually means you are going to experience something good in your life.

There is a possibility that some wonderful events are about to happen, such as an engagement or a wedding.

Dreaming About a Rat Nibbling

If you dreamed of watching a rat nibble something, this could indicate the worry and anxiety in your life.

It may be a sign that you are afraid of something or someone.

It indicates that the worries you have are merely thoughts in your head, which means you need to relax.

Dreaming of a Rat in Your Bed

This kind of dream symbolizes how you are feeling in the present.

There is a good chance that you feel envious of someone else’s goods and achievements.

You may be experiencing insincerity and jealousy issues with your partner as well.

Dreaming of Killing Rats

Dreaming about killing a rat could mean your victory over enemies.

If someone has betrayed you, you’ll get the last word.

Dreaming of Rats Running Around

Rats running in several directions represent transformations in several areas of your life.

You can move or change your way of life, depending on how you feel currently.

During difficult times, a shift may just be what you need.

Dreams of Rats Threatening You

A dream like this means some close people who know you pretty well are envious of you. Out of jealousy, they may try to hurt you.

In this dream, you are warned not to share your ideas and plans with certain kinds of people.

You need to be cautious and also be on your guard.

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Dream Caught in a Rat Trap

If you dreamed that you were caught in a rat trap, that might be a bad sign for you.

This is showing you are likely to be robbed shortly. This dream reflects your vulnerability to having valuable things stolen from you.

Stay vigilant and secure your belongings. Keep all valuable items under close surveillance and lock up your doors.

It is advisable to take good care of your possessions and be careful who you surround yourself with.

Dream of Rats Poop

What does it mean to dream of rat poop? In dreams, rats’ poop can hold several meanings.

This dream may suggest that you are unable to accomplish your duties on time.

You may also be coming to terms with your past and are now addressing topics that you’ve suppressed or ignored for a long time.

In addition, a rat poop dream could mean you hate your current situation.

It indicates a situation in which you feel restricted or repressed. It’s as if you’ve lost your direction or power.

Dreaming of a Fat Rat

What does it mean to dream of a fat rat? That kind of dream represents unwanted thoughts that appear to you.

How big the rat is indicating how overthinking you are.

Dreams like this one indicate it is time to move on from the past.

Dream About Rats Destroying Your Things

Dreaming of rats destroying your things is not usually a good sign. This symbolizes loss and poverty.

Having this dream might be a sign that you are having a difficult time financially.

This dream should serve as a warning to be mindful of your spending habits.

You should adopt a new way of spending your money and especially start saving.

Dreaming of Dead Rats

A dream of this type indicates uncontrollable fears about a specific situation in your life.

You may have experienced emotional turmoil if you saw a dead rat in your dream.

What does a dead rat symbolize? This dream may symbolize betrayal. Someone close to you may betray you.

This dream can also be a sign of the end of something in your life, such as the end of a relationship, a business, or a specific period in your life. 

The Symbolism of a Rat

The Symbolism of a Rat

What do rats symbolize in dreams? Symbolically, rats are associated with new beginnings and change.

Additionally, they indicate the emotional baggage you may carry around.

There is a need for spiritual purification. It’s a good starting point for your inside cleaning.

Rats are related to seeing physical things that represent painful memories or the loss of someone who was once part of your life.

Your freedom will be regained when you begin to clean.

Rat Dream Meaning in Chinese Culture

What does the rat symbolize in Chinese culture? Rats represent wealth and fortune to them.

In contrast to other cultures, they do not link rats with sickness, greed, or theft.

The Chinese zodiac begins with the rat, which is regarded as a prolific animal in this part of the world.

In Chinese culture, it is a tradition to pray to them if a couple has a desire to have a child.

Accordingly, they believe that the dream of rats is a good omen.

Spiritual Meaning of Rats

What’s the spiritual meaning of rats? Rats that appear in your dreams are involved with your spirituality.

That is linked with undiscovered parts of you. It’s time for you to have the courage to discover yourself and to do what you really desire in your life.

If you have always wanted to try a new hobby, a new trip, or start a new business but didn’t have the courage, it’s time to take the shot.

Your spiritual side is represented by the rats in your dreams.

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Biblical Meaning of a Rat

It’s recorded in the Bible that rats are considered as big liars, and traitors of family and friends.

Symbolically, this animal symbolizes stealing, lying, and taking advantage of other people.

Also, the Bible tells us rats are also closely associated with secrets.

In Scripture, to dream of a rat is symbolic of being punished for sins that you have committed.

According to biblical interpretation, it is all Satan’s work. Nevertheless, you need to know that you’ll prevail.

Rat Totem Animal Meaning

What does a rat totem mean? When you have the rat as your totem animal, you have complete control over the environment no matter what it is.

Totem animals with the rat represent people who are rarely taken by surprise but often surprised others around them.

Furthermore, it should be noted that people who have rat totems are often restless.

Occasionally, you may get restless and want to pack everything up to embark on an exciting adventure.

Carrying on you a crystal known for its ability to ground you will help temper your tendency to move all the time.

If the rat is your totem animal, then you enjoy meeting people and exploring cultures around the world.

Traveling is something you dream about throughout your life.

Rat Spirit Animal Meaning

Spirit animals often convey messages relating to a person’s career when they appear as spirit animals.

Rats are trained to help you by offering insight and adaptability while influencing change for a productive outcome.

Rats appear to a person when they need to protect their territory or reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Observe your animal spirit guide’s behavior to determine what message a rat conveys.

If your rat spirit animal appears to you, you should pay attention to which direction it is moving.

Generally speaking, it’s known that rats take care of theirs.

You may understand that the rats have made their presence known to you to warn you to take extra care of your family.


Sometimes, dreams are irrational and seem unconnected to you.

When you dream about rats, it can be quite frightening. On the other hand, it can also mean good fortune.

According to earlier interpretations, the perception of these rodents is often subjective.

Hope this post gave you some answers about the dreams about rats.

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