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Dreaming of kittens might be a sign that you are curious and eager to know what is going on around you.

Kittens are known to be highly social and enjoy spending time with humans.

Besides being curious, they pay attention to everything around them.

Kittens are also symbols of innocence and purity, curiosity and fear, and gentleness.

Dreaming of kittens is generally considered a good omen.

It is generally a pleasant dream to dream of a kitten with its innocent and pure nature.

In contrast, cat dreams are generally considered to be bad omens.

Most Common Dreams About Kittens

You can determine the meaning of your dream based on the type of kitten you see and its actions.

To understand your dream, you must look at all the details and the factors behind it.

1 – Dreaming of a Meowing Kitten

This dream indicates a strong will to succeed and a lot of sacrifices. You enjoy being in a position of authority, and you are a great leader.

If you dream of a kitten meowing, this could also suggest that you need to maintain more traditional relationships.

This can represent both ambition and power and it indicates that work is a good omen for you.

The kitten meowing at the door in a dream represents a golden opportunity soon to come. When a kitten meows for food, it means that prosperity is coming.

2 – Dreaming of Cuddling a Kitten

This dream is a sign that those who benefited from your generosity did not appreciate it.

As a result, they were ungrateful and exploited you for their own needs.

This dream indicates a lack of gratitude for important people in your life.

3 – Dreaming of Abandoned Kittens

In your dream, if the kitten seems abandoned or fearful, it may symbolize your own anxieties or fears.

This could mean that you are suffering from feelings of sadness and regret.

Dreaming of an abandoned kitten represents being scared of being left alone, and loneliness.

When you have this kind of dream this may be a reflection of how you feel in your present life.

Others may be neglecting and ignoring you. An abandoned kitten may tell you to love yourself, be strong, but also be self-reliant.

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4 – Dreaming of Giving Birth To a Kitten

This dream indicates that your life might be about to change in a major way. It signifies a future filled with increasing responsibility.

It also means you should get rid of all the old useless stuff and prepare for a new beginning without looking backward.

In addition, it implies that you should change your perspective. Taking up new adventures and being careful at the same time is a good combination.

5 – Dreaming of a Kitten Drinking Milk

If you have this dream, it’s a positive sign. Dreaming of a kitten drinking milk represents a new friendship between you and a person who will be very affectionate with you.

This could be a friendship, or even a romantic relationship, where your partner is showing you love and care.

This dream suggests maintaining such loving bonds to feel happy and satisfied in your life.

Because of this new relationship, you will grow and develop as a person.

6 – Dreaming of an aggressive kitten

What does it mean when you dream about an aggressive kitten?

That kind of dream kitten signifies new opportunities and new potential.

In addition to that, it implies that you need to be aggressive if you want to succeed.

A kitten that attacks you signifies that the pressure is too heavy in a relationship. This could be a sign of discontent with someone you know.

A kitten biting you is a sign that hard times are coming. When it comes to achieving your goals, there will be a few obstacles and delays.

A kitten attempting to hurt you may indicate that you are stuck and suffocating within a toxic relationship.

Even though you have tried your best, in reality, you are unable to escape.

Therefore, you must always remember to keep your guard up to save yourself.

When you dream of an aggressive kitten, it indicates that sometimes you have to change your attitude to achieve your goals.

Dreams About Kittens Meaning

7 – Dreaming of Newborn Kittens

Dreaming of newborn kittens is a sign of feeling vulnerable, insecure, and unsafe.

Throughout your life, you seek to be protected and secure from others. This dream indicates your mental weakness.

This symbolizes your vulnerability and weakness, just like a newborn kitten.

Perhaps your current life status is making you feel insecure, and you are manifesting that through your dreams.

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8 – Dream About Kittens Fighting With Each Other

This dream indicates that there may be hidden enemies in your life. There is a chance that they will damage your reputation.

They’ll try to do whatever it takes to hurt you and take your belongings.

Dreams like this convey the message that you should be vigilant and cautious.

This dream also means financial hardships, material losses, and big difficulties ahead. It warns you not to trust anyone blindly and to stay vigilant.

9 – Dreaming of Kittens Screaming

What does it mean when you hear a kitten screaming in your dreams?

This dream indicates that your attitude to other people needs to change. Conduct yourself in a more empathic and generous manner.

The most important thing you can do is learn to control your temper and stop doing things that could affect others negatively.

Hearing kittens that scream for a food indicates your expectations will not be realized.

10 – Dreaming of Dead Kittens

Dead kittens in dreams are bad omens. When you dream of seeing a dead kitten, and when you were afraid in that dream, you are facing something that is beyond your control.

You must act with emotional balance and take initiative.  Also, it means you’re surrounded by pessimistic people.

This dream represents your fear and insecurity about the start of a new project.

You may have tried something new that didn’t work out. Your biggest fear is that it won’t succeed.

This dream is a sign that you are powerless over the situation.

A dead kitten is a symbol of failure and loss.  This could be interpreted as your pessimistic attitude about certain endeavors.

When you see many dead kittens in your dream, you should be worried about the upcoming months.

In addition, a kitten that appears more than once in your dream indicates that you are anxious, and the future is scary to you.

11 – Dreaming of a Kitten Running

In a dream, you see a kitten running, which indicates you’re an independent individual.

Taking care of your needs does not require you to depend on others.

This dream indicates that you are capable and self-sufficient on your own.

It can also mean that you are trying to get away from a difficult situation.

12 – Dreams About Grey Kittens

Dreaming of a grey kitten may indicate some minor inconveniences or disturbances that will occur soon.

Stress and anxiety may be affecting you. Basically, the dream teaches you that you must optimize your organization and efficiency.

By planning ahead, you’ll be able to reduce your stress levels, and you’ll have more time for yourself. This dream reminds you to relax and enjoy life.

Otherwise, the feeling of being overwhelmed by emotions will stick around for a long time if you don’t.

13 – Dreaming Ginger Kittens

What does it mean to dream of a ginger kitten? A dream like that is a very good omen.

It signifies excellent outcomes for you. Positive vibrations and good luck are associated with it.

Also, dreaming of ginger kittens represents abundance and prosperity.

It’s an indication that the circumstances that stress you will work out in your favor, and the outcome will be favorable.

Whatever you set out to do will succeed, and you will benefit from it.

14 – Dreaming of a White Kitten

This dream indicates you have a lot of positive energy flowing through you. In addition to symbolizing calmness, it is also a symbol of peace.

You may also need to possess more leadership traits if you intend to succeed.

In dreams, seeing white kittens signifies success and growth. Throughout your life, you are blessed with serenity and peace of mind.

But, keep in mind that dreaming of white kittens has also a negative meaning in some ancient dictionaries.

15 – Dream About Black Kittens

A dream about black kittens isn’t generally a good sign. Dreaming of a black kitten symbolizes apprehension and fear.

A situation in your life leaves you uncertain about something.

What you are going to face and what you will be fighting for are both unknown to you.

It may mean sadness or regretting something. Also, you might be viewed as superstitious.

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16 – Dreaming of Multi-Colored Kittens

A dream of a kitten with many different colors represents many opportunities, which you’ll be getting very soon.

Various colors correspond to different opportunities. Furthermore, it implies that you dislike being constrained or held to any form of agreement.

It’s important for you to feel free emotionally, too. Positive aspects are embedded in this dream.

Additionally, it indicates your ability to collaborate with others and your desire to be social.

The abilities you possess will allow you to accomplish anything you desire in life. As a result, this dream represents a happy and prosperous life.

17 – Dreaming of Being Attacked by a Kitten

Dreaming that a kitten was attacking you suggests that you might have some problems in your relationships in your present situation.

In other words, it may indicate that you are feeling unsatisfied with someone in your life at the moment or with your family.

In any way that a kitten that is hurting you in your dream suggests that someone close to you is about to do so.

Dreaming of a kitten attacking you also signifies the end of a relationship.

18 – Dreaming of Holding a Kitten in Your Arms

This dream is a good omen. Dreams like this represent success, accomplishment, and wish fulfillment.

It means having a fulfilling life where everything in your life is fulfilling and you feel happy and content.

Dreaming about fulfilling your goal is also an indication that you have surpassed the real-life struggles you have been facing for a long time.

19 – Dreams About Wild Kittens

In a dream, a wild kitten represents your lack of expressiveness. You are not able to communicate your feelings well.

Because of this, people might have misperceptions about you. This could lead to relationship problems.

It means you should open up to others and be able to express yourself without hesitation.

20 – Dreaming of Running After a Kitten

A kitten in your dream trying to run off signifies that you are attempting to gain back control over something in your life.

It may represent you seeking to solve a problematic goal.

You should take as much time as possible to find out how to solve the problems you may encounter in your daily life.

It is just a matter of verifying that everything is working properly.

21 – Dreaming of Saving a Kitten

What does it mean when you dream about saving a kitten? This dream suggests that you are trying to become independent and self-sufficient.

It is not your style to depend on anyone or ask for favors.  But, there may be an important thing in your life that bothers you and you are afraid of losing.

Nevertheless, when in your dream you succeed in saving the kitten, it signifies that you’ll also succeed in your life.

22 – Dreaming of Feeding a Kitten

Dreaming about feeding a kitten indicates you are a kind and compassionate person.

Your kindness and compassion allow you to see the needs of others. You are always willing to assist others.

This dream represents a life filled with happiness, peace, and contentment.

23 – Dreams About Saving Kittens

This dream signifies your desire for independence and freedom.

You prefer not to rely on others for your needs, rather you take care of yourself on your own. This dream symbolizes positivity and enlightenment.


24 – Dream About Fluffy Kittens

Being able to see fluffy kittens in your dream means you’re able to maintain a healthy balance between work and leisure.

That involves a lot of work on your part, but without sacrificing what you love to do.

You are very involved in holding that balance in your life.

25 – Dreams About an Injured Kitten

If you dream of an injured kitten represents your inner child who is hurt and suffering.

Maybe the trauma you experienced as a child is still bothering you in adulthood. In dream interpretation, an injured kitten is a bad omen.

This represents the sadness and fears innate in your being. Perhaps there is conflict in your personal life, or at work.

You can’t seem to resolve them when they happen in your real life.

26 – Dreaming of Litter of Kittens

This dream means you enjoy playing around and enjoying life more. Maybe you have had a very busy schedule, and you need some time off.

Symbolically, the litter can represent freedom and independence. In other words, it represents the desire to live a peaceful and worry-free life.

In addition, this dream may alert you to some obstacles you need to get rid of. Therefore, you’ll feel more confident about yourself and more in charge.

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27 – Dreaming about Chasing Kittens

This dream represents your drive to achieve your goals in life.

Your goals are the same as what you are chasing and what you hope to accomplish in real life.

The pursuit of kittens symbolizes passion and smart work.

There is an incredible amount of talent within you that can guide and assist you in achieving success.

28 – Dreaming about Finding a Kitten

Having this dream represents conflict and disagreement with someone close to you.

Negative connotations are associated with the dream. It implies that you harbor some resentment or hatred.

You should let go of these negative feelings, as they cause you to become self-centered and ungracious. There is weakness within you when you do this.

It is essential that you keep your intentions pure and do not hold a grudge against those who have wronged you in some way.

Is Dreaming About Kittens Bad?

There is something sacred and pure about kittens. These represent a symbol of purity and delicateness. Kittens are innocent and harmless creatures.

Thus, dreaming about them won’t harm you, on the contrary often, they bring good to life.

Generally speaking, It’s a good sign to dream about kittens.

What Does it Mean To Dream About Cats and Kittens?

Dreaming about kittens and cats together is a very positive thing. It represents abundance and blessings.

You could also be expecting an important visit soon. In general, kittens are viewed as helpless and vulnerable, whereas cats are deemed autonomous.

The dream of a kitten indicates that you are feeling frightened and require assistance.

This dream also indicates the protection of the cats for the kittens. And that is a good sign that means someone is trying to protect you.

Dreaming of Kittens Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming of Kittens’ Spiritual Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about kittens? The dream of kittens symbolizes inner peace, sincerity, and happiness.

Dreaming about kittens helps you to remember to remain unrestricted because you are bound and trapped by fear, insecurity, and fragility.

To empower yourself and grow, one must let go of their vulnerable self.

Dreaming of kittens may represent that you are dealing with untrustworthy or dishonest people.

Biblical Meaning of Kittens in a Dream

Biblical speaking, dreaming of kittens or cats are the same and considered bad omens. That means some misfortune is soon to come your way.

It is believed that the Bible views these kittens as a representation of women’s power and authority.

They are representative of traits typical of females, such as empathy, tenderness, and compassion.

In some interpretations of dreams, kittens represent independence and regaining lost power.

This kind of dream encourages you to develop self-confidence and to believe in yourself.

In life, its presence is considered unlucky. It is possible that you will be victimized by deceitful acts.

You may encounter disloyalty and be harmed in many ways by one or many people.

As a warning sign, a dream of kittens urges you to take care of and remain away from unreliable, dishonest people.


To summarize dreams of a kitten are usually positive omens in dreams interpretation.

This represents the kind of energy that brings success and hope in real life.

In these dreams, you are urged to not be held back by obstacles and challenges.

Keep your goals in sight, be ambitious, and ignore the naysayers and pessimists.

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